Dining Tables

We specialise in LARGE dining tables! Each table is made to order just for you, choose any top and any base. Select your dimensions, any timber be it solid, veneers or a combination. Extremely protective premium polyurethane or acrylic lacquers from 0% to 30% gloss levels (higher by request) Designed and engineered to look great and last decades or even centuries! REMEMBER: The tables pictured below are only a small selection of tables we have made and represents a fraction of what we are able to achieve!

Thumbnail Code Range Description Catalog
KTPED KT dining table slab pedestal Clean, contemporary and timeless designs. Quality materials and craftsmanship, 2 pack paint in any colour or a choice of natural timber veneers protected by a premium polyurethane. Slab pedestal suits LARGE tables over 2700 long. Catalog page
KTTPED KT dining table T pedestal Functional, appealing T shape. Quality materials and craftsmanship, 2 pack paint in any colour or a choice of natural timber veneers protected by a premium polyurethane. The T shape pedestal allows chairs to line the entire length of the table. Catalog page
SPLIT T PED KT Split T Pedestals KT table with split T pedestals. Just an extra touch of feature and detail. Catalog page
DBLTPED KT dining double T pedestal The double T pedestal creates a lighter look. Any timber, any size. Premium quality. Catalog page
KTPILLAR KT dining double T pillars Functional double T pillar. The pillars feature a contrasting or complimenting panels with a million colour options and adding another dimension to the T ped design. Quality materials and craftsmanship, 2 pack paint in any colour or a choice of natural timber veneers protected by a premium polyurethane. Catalog page
KTTPED KT dining table -custom inlay 8-10 seater American oak with T pedestal. Featuring optional Poplar burl inlay sourced from the Adelaide hills. This picture shows the functionality of the T shape pedestal by allowing 4 diners each side of a 2400 long table, something not possible with the Slab or U shape pedestals under a table of this size. Catalog page
KTUPED KT Dining U pedestal KT table with U-Shaped pedestals. Choose your size and timber! Also available in extension with dual leaves stored in the table! Catalog page
KTUPED Kt Dining U pedestals KT dining with "U" shape table in American oak, limed with white base. The base is veneer and lightly painted to shown natural grain features. U pedestal profile can be made wider, thinner, thicker... what ever you like. Catalog page
KTUPED KT table U shape KT U shape base without the stripe and with glass insert. Catalog page
KTthinUPED KT dining thin U pedestal Thinner, sleeker version of the U shaped pedestal under a top crafted from quality natural timber veneers and coated in premium polyurethane. Catalog page
KTBRDG KT bridge pedestals Exclusive pedestal design. Very strong and stable hybrid between pedestals and 4 legs. Allows extra room down the sides and the head of the table can stretch their legs. Pictured here in American oak with custom chocolate stain. Catalog page
KTSQPED KT square table with slab pedestals Strong and heavy slab pedestal base table. Choose your size and thickness... Quality 2 pack paint in any colour or a choice of natural timber veneers protected by a premium polyurethane. Catalog page
KTBOX KT Square with box pedestal Simple and effective box base table. Choose your size and profile. Any colour paint or choose from various beautiful natural timber veneers. Huge tables. Catalog page
HAWSLB Hawker solid slab pedestal HUGE 3400mm table pictured in solid American oak, custom light limed with special polyurethane finish. Solid slab pedestal base. Catalog page
2-1-310 to 350 Hawker Dining table-Pedestal Solid 35mm hardwood, flat top folded to show 65mm edge. Solid pedestal base. Pictured here in solid American oak with special aged stain and 8x Gliss wood dining chairs from Italy. Catalog page
2-1-360 Hawker Dining table -Slab pedestal HUGE 3.6m x 1.35m solid Australian oak dining table with rich brown stain and premium polyurethane finish. Surrounded by 14 Melbourne dining chairs upholstered in Warwick Lustrell Brumbie 'sesame' (Other chairs available) Catalog page
HAWKVJT Hawker V joint A charming, warming feel with this lightly sanded, semi rustic solid Aus oak HAWKER dining table with highly protective premium polyurethane lacquer. Quality rustic, NOT ramshackle... Catalog page
2-1-220 to 260 Hawker Dining table- X Ped Solid 35mm timber dining table with 40mm skirt. X shaped pedestal base. Available in all timbers, sizes and base variations. Catalog page
HAWKXPED Hawker X pedestal Sleek 35mm solid hardwood top and X pedestals. Finished in premium polyurethane 0% to 30% gloss levels. Seen here in beautiful Tasmanian Blackwood. Catalog page
HAWKXPED Hawker solid X pedestal Solid American Oak X base table with custom grey liming. 35mm solid folded to show 70mm profile, seen here in solid American oak with grey lime wash and angled x pedestal. Catalog page
XPEDF Hawker solid X pedestal with foot 70mm profile with X pedestal and foot. Seen here in beautiful Red Gum. Catalog page
2-1-090 Hawker dining table- flat top Solid 35mm hardwood with edges folded to show 70mm. Very stylish appeal, rustic in design with smooth satin finish. Premium grade timber, premium lacquer, premium quality. Catalog page
2-1-110 to 2-1-150 Hawker Dining table- X base Solid 35mm hardwood folded to show 65mm edge. Flat top and optional trestle base. Shown in solid Australian Oak with custom Terracotta stain. More tables for generations. Catalog page
HAWLEG Hawker legged table This glorious solid 35mm (doubled to 68mm) Jarrah table was slightly bleached to tie in with surrounding window and door frames. Custom size and leg style. Matched with 8x Darwin dining chairs (other chairs available) Catalog page
HAWDBLT Hawker solid dining Beautiful Blackwood, 65mm thick top, double T pedestal with premium polyurethane finish. Shown here with Newcastle dining chairs with Blackwood legs & Aus oak frames covered in Warwick Lustrell Nova Lime. Catalog page
More Info Monaco U shape pedestal Seen here with shadow line feature in solid American oak with a very light lime wash and premium polyurethane finish 0% gloss level. Your size, your timber... Catalog page
More Info Monaco slab pedestal All solid timber. Any size you like. Attractive shadow line theme. Seem here in beautiful Aus oak with 30% gloss level premium polyurethane. Catalog page
more info Monaco dining table T pedestal All solid. Monaco design with functional T shaped pedestals. Seen here in Blackwood, available in other timbers and sizes. Stunning style, quality and value. Timeless design. Catalog page
2-1-010 Monaco Solid Jarrah Table in 35mm solid jarrah with shadow line and a request for grain charachter to be even. Seen here with Sydney chairs in white premium leather (sold separately) Catalog page
2-1-010 Monaco 4 leg Solid or veneer top dining tables with shadow line detail featured in all Monaco pieces. Any size, timber and stain. Clean, simple, timeless style. Leg options include tapered, straight and L shape. Catalog page
More Info Monaco Mitred leg Solid Blackwood 35mm top. Narrow boards at customer's request. Stunningly beautiful Monaco table with unique mitred leg feature. Catalog page
2-1-2014 Monaco table rectangle leg 22mm solid Blackwood with shadow line. 120mm x 35mm legs to create a chunky look AND a slim look, depending on how you look at it. Seen here in beautiful Tasmanian Blackwood with a premium polyurethane finish. Catalog page
NEWAGE New Aged dining table Solid American oak dining table. Veneer or solid top available. Legs at slight angle. Choose any size or timber. Extension version also available. Catalog page
KTNKO KT/Nicko ext table A perfect example of how blending our designs can achieve a brand new look. Here we have meshed a KT extension table base with a NICKO extension table top. Seen here in beautiful Blackwood. Extension mechanism from $1500 plus the cost of the fixed top table. Catalog page
2-1-011, 021, 031,041 Nicko extension dining tables This extension table has no 'gaps' in the top! The whole top slides accross to reveal the leaf system, allowing the table to be extended AFTER it has been set! A design exclusive to us, creates a practical and stylish range of extension tables. Legs only. Extension mechanism from $1900 plus the cost of the fixed top table. Catalog page
2-1-010 to 041 Nicko square edge Nicko dining table in solid jarrah with square profile edge and leg. a timeless design that can compliment both traditional and modern styles. Top finished in special scratch restant 2 pack polyurethane Furniture just like it should be made. Catalog page
Custom Nicko Nicko square dining Solid Aust oak table with glass top insert. Choose your size, choose your timber, choose your glass colour! Catalog page
2-1-012 to 2-1-042 Nicko glass top dining tables Glass top tables, elegant for formal dining, to seat 4,6,8 and 10 Catalog page
Nicko dining Nicko dining Nicko dining table pictured here in clear Aus oak. Veneer and solid combo. An exclusive, timeless classic. Chairs sold separately. Catalog page
2-1-070 Maylie dining table Maylie 6 seater. Pictured here upgraded to beautiful Blackwood veneers with premium polyurethane finish. Catalog page
Maylie rail ends Maylie rail ends The legs of this table wrap across the end of the table top. Seen here with optional painted glass insert. Catalog page
Maylie table Maylie rail combo Maylie combo dining table. Limed American Oak and white 2 pack. Catalog page
2-1-040,051,062 Samai dining tables-glass tops Probably the most stunning table design available. Any size, any timber, any stain. High quality crystal clear glass tops available in MANY different paint colours and metallic finishes. Thousands of combinations available. Seen here with T pedestal option, white glass and mocha stain on Aus oak. Catalog page
2-1-080 and 2-1-085 Samai 10 seater table Larger squarish style, to seat 10. Catalog page
2-1-010, 020, 031 and 090 Samai dining tables-veneer tops The most striking dining tables in Adelaide, to seat 6 to 12, plus extensions. Featuring the subtle and alluring V joint detail, the hallmark of the Samai range. Very generous, luxurious dining. Catalog page
LMC outdoor LMC outdoor table Laurence Mabarrack Collection outdoor dining table, Slat top allows for slight seasonal movement. Featuring 304 stainless steel side rails. Finished with a special acrylic lacquer for maximum protection against the elements. Available in solid WA Jarrah or New Guinea Rosewood (pictured) Catalog page
LMC outdoor II LMC outdoor table Crafted for outdoor under cover. Attractive New Guinea Rosewood will withstand decades in the elements, designed to move with the seasons. Protected by the highest grade polyurethane lacquer with 0% gloss level which offers a natural, raw look. Catalog page
more info Hawker round 6 seater Solid round fixed top dining table. Generous 1500mm diam 32mm thick with solid octagonal pedestal and round base. Seen here in WA Jarrah with 6 Sydney dining chairs in black leather. Premium polyurethane lacquer. Catalog page
2-1-200, 210 Madeline round table Round tables. Veneer or solid timber tops, choose your size! Catalog page
LMC custom round LMC custom round Stunning design from the Laurence Mabarrack collection using glorious solid Tasmanian Blackwood. Special timber inlays to enhance the natural beauty and intrigue. Catalog page
LMC round ext. Custom Round extension Classic feeling with modern tones. This round / oval table features curved legs X base pedestal. Extension piece adds an extra couple of settings and $1000 to $2000 to the price of a fixed top table. Seen here in American oak veneer top and solid base with a custom slate stain. Catalog page
Custom 107 107 round Flat top, American oak. 6 facet pedestal. Choose your sizes and timber! Catalog page
0-9-0004 Round table Round timber table with facet base. Catalog page
107 round / octagonal 107 round / octagonal Round table with Solid Blackwood feature to edge, octagonal middle. Catalog page
107 veneer top 107 round custom Customer requested special size and colour matching. We crafted it with Australian oak, veneer top and solid base for extra stability. Perfect little 4 seater. Matched with 4 Melbourne dining chairs. Catalog page
2-1-050 to 080 Maylie veneer dining tables Timber leg, four sizes, to seat 4 to 10 Catalog page
2-1-019 to 039 Madeline solid top tables A range of beautiful solid dining tables. To seat, 6, 8, or 10. Pictured here in Blackwood with 6x Sydney dining chairs in premium leather. Catalog page
2-1-035,045 Madeline square solid top Large square design keeps everybody in the picture. 8, and a 10 seater. Catalog page
2-1-060 Madeline fixed top dining tables Attractive tables with soft bullnose edge in any size, any timber. Highly impact resistant veneers in clear lacquer or your choice of stains. Catalog page

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